Review: Mega Enhancement

Mega_enhancement-224x300Mega Enhancement is the newest male enhancement product from former adult film star John Lawrence, and is aimed at men suffering from low testosterone levels. The product claims to raise T-levels naturally, leading to increased energy and improved sex life.

Mega Enhancement is a daily supplement that uses herbal extracts designed to boost testosterone and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels. ATP is what the body uses to transport energy, and is essential for stamina and vigor.

In our continuing quest to find the best male enhancement products available, we gave Mega Enhancement. Here’s what we found:


After using Mega Enhancement for a couple weeks, we did notice increased energy in our daily lives, as well as more stamina in the bedroom. It takes a little while to get going, as it has to build up in the system, but it does seem to have positive effects on testosterone levels.

It’s also reassuring that the product uses herbal extracts, as those have been shown to be most effective in producing the most potent results.


We experienced no side effects when using this product, and it uses safe ingredients, so we doubt you should have any issues. However, be advised that this is a potent product, and should probably only be used by men who definitely need it.

Also, be aware of what the product promises before you buy. This is not a one-shot pill, it’s a daily supplement that works over time with continued use. While it does say that it can help if taken about an hour before sex, that’s not what it’s ultimately designed for. So, taking it just once likely will not produce the maximum results.


If you are a man looking to support your testosterone levels, Mega Enhancement should be a good option for you. The results we saw, coupled with the safe and proven ingredients, make it a solid choice for anyone looking to naturally increase testosterone.

It is recommended that you stack Mega Enhancement with another product produced by Lawrence’s Supplements called Mega Performance. Mega Performance is a before-sex pill that can support a stronger erection and sexual performance.

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