MaxGenics vs. Testosterone Replacement Therapy? (review)

Can a natural testosterone booster like MaxGenics actually raise your testosterone levels?

MAXGENICS_bottle-1That’s the question a lot of guys our age are asking.

Look. If you’re over 45 and are experiencing any of these symptoms:

          • loss of libido
          • erection problems
          • nervousness, depression
          • impaired memory
          • difficulties concentrating
          • fatigue
          • insomnia
          • irritability
          • fat around the stomach
          • loss of muscle
          • decresased athletic performance

Guess what? There’s a good chance you’ve got low testosterone.

With a diagnosis of Low ‘T’, your average Doc will tell you to get on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

This treatment works for some men, but other guys experience serious problems as a result.

And for all men, TRT has one unfortunate effect: it shuts down your body’s own natural testosterone production. This means that if you ever decide to get off the artificial testosterone, your body could take quite a while to get back to your old ‘low t’ baseline – and those low testosterone symptoms you had before will come back, with a VENGEANCE.

So what would happen if you got on TRT, stopped, and then tried a natural testosterone booster like Max Genics instead?

Well, Daryl wrote in with a review of Max Genics and told us all about his experience doing exactly this:

“I am a 72 year old male that has been on Artificial Testosterone Replacement Gel for a while. When I started using the T gel, my T level was below the lowest level of normal. I have been on this medicine for over 5 years and have ED.

I discontinued using the gel and started taking MAX GENICS about 2 weeks ago. At first my energy level crashed when I ceased using the gel, however I am pleased to report that my energy level is now better than it was when on the testosterone replacement gel. Another thing is that I have started getting morning wood.

Testosterone replacement is extreemly expensive and has side effects, it actually inteferes with erections contributing to my ED.

I will continue using MAX GENICS and expect to continue my way back to a healthy sex life.

I will have my T levels again at the end of the year. I am looking forward to having confirmed the sucess of MAX GENICS.


Very interesting. It looks like the natural testosterone boosting ingredients in Max Genics actually helped to jump-start Daryl’s natural testosterone production.

If you’re interested in finding these results for yourself, you can learn more about Max Genics for yourself at

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