How Does MaxGenics Alpha Fuel Compare to Other Pre-Workout Supplements?

I’ve tried a lot of pre-workout supplements.  A lot of them just don’t work so I want to share my experiences in case you’re looking for one that will work. I’ve taken all of these according to the container and finished every container, so I definitely got full effect of each product.


I just finished trying One More Rep and I have to say I didn’t feel it at all. White Flood was similar; it just didn’t work. Myo-Blitz was decent but it went away really quick. I didn’t feel all the way through my workout.  Hyper FX made me feel stronger, but it’s also a weight loss supplement and that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking to put on mass. I think I built up a tolerance to Cellucor C4 because I didn’t feel it after about a week. NO Xplode provided decent results, but I couldn’t stomach drinking it.  You have to drink 3 huge scoops and it fizzes up when you shake it in a bottle. It gave me a stomachache.



MaxGenics Alpha Fuel is a new one that I just recently tried. It’s got creatine monohydrate in it and that definitely builds mass.  I’ve seen mass increase. My biceps, my chest, and my shoulders are noticeably bigger. I feel a hell of a lot stronger using MaxGenics Alpha Fuel. The pump was better than other pre-workout supplements that I’ve taken. The energy boost is clean. I didn’t feel jittery. It mixes up really well too. It doesn’t fizz or clump up and I like the flavor.

3 Key Reasons I Like MaxGenics Alpha Fuel:

*  The ingredients are one you’ve seen before that have been proven to work and are really good quality. (There’s even Vitamin C and B12 in there).

*  It mixes incredibly well, much better than others, and tastes better than most. No stomachache either.

*  Clean energy. Doesn’t make you jittery or give you headaches.


Final Thoughts

You can’t find it in GNC or a Vitamin Shoppe, so I’ve included a link below. This company also has some good testosterone boosters and fat burners too. Alpha Fuel is definitely my favorite so far. I’ve already ordered another container because I’m almost through it all, and I also sent off for the testosterone booster because I heard great things about it.


>> Learn more about MaxGenics Alpha Fuel here.<<

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